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Summer Jewelry

The Sun is finally out and the warm weather season has begun! This means the natural progression to wearing less layers and showing a little more skin has also started, but it’s not the easiest thing to put a stylish outfit together when all that is available to wear is a shirt and a skirt or shorts. A good trick we’ve learned to make your outfit stand out is investing in a few signature jewelry pieces which can bring a touch of sparkle to anything you wear…

We covet our jewelry designers, offering some of their pieces to our customers for 10+ years now... Designers like Luis Morais, whose mixing of dark and light imagery in precious metals and unique materials is ideal…or Florian, whose new season of beaded necklaces highlight neon bursts that are just “all to easy” to throw on and go! Some of our designers are refined in a classic sense, like Wouters & Hendrix, with their belgian diamond encrusted mandalas, and Lena Wald, who has become a special order magnet at our 2 boutiques and on our website, offering her signature diamond and gold initials and object earrings/necklaces. Some designers take classic materials and designs and make them new, like Iosselliani’s use of coral and gold filigree to create artfully reinterpreted skulls and panthers. Also, Maria Rudman, who presents reindeer leather pieces with origins that date back thousands of years, but are updated by her in such a modern and fashionable way. And then there are the new kids on the block like Sara Beltran’s Dezso, with pieces that give off a vibrant beachy vibe…pieces we just can’t seem to keep in stock.

Here, you can find a few examples of jewelry pieces that compliment typical everyday outfits. At times, the pieces stand out...sometimes they’re understated, but they always play a key role in completing the look. Scroll down for more jewelry ideas, or click the Shop Now button to shop all of our women’s jewelry.

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