Jil Sander was born in 1943 in Wesselburen, Germany. She graduated as a textile engineer from Krefeld School of Textile then spent two years as an exchange student at University College in Los Angeles and later went on to work as a fashion journalist in New York. After returning home, she opened her first boutique in Hamburg in 1967 and launched her first women's collection in 1973. Her concept of "design without decoration" focuses on fabric quality with minimal design. This theory has led to her being described as the Queen of Less, Master of Minimalism or the Fashion Reductionist. Since the 2006, Belgium born Raf Simons was appointed as creative director for both men's and women's collections. These collections embody the Jil Sander brand's core values holding true to its history. When entering the Jil Sander Company he said: "I couldn't be happier to work for a brand as pure and clean as Jil Sander. I am eager to carry forward the simple, pristine design that the Jil Sander name has come to represent. There is a strong affinity between how I perceive my own design and the core values that the Jil Sander brand embraces."