Raif Adelberg is based in Vancouver, Canada and has always had a penchant for being ahead of the curve. Born in 1968 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Raif’s education into art began after his family moved to Vancouver in 1974 and evolved when Hawaii and Palm Spring became his home during his formative years. With a father in fashion and an interior designer and art collector for a mother, Raif Adelberg’s career trajectory through art and fashion bears all the hallmarks of a birthright, especially when his mother tells stories of him cutting and embroidering on clothing at the age of 13. As one of the most talented and innovative minds in the creative community, he founded Made Magazine, the modern boutique 24, the world renowned luxury store Richard Kidd, Deadboys Clubhouse and his eponymous hand knit cashmere collection Raif Adelberg. Raif has also been nominated as GQ upcoming designer of the year and has been an invaluable contributor to the cultural fabric of Vancouver.