Nike is a brand that needs no introduction. Since their humble beginnings at the University of Oregon in 1964, they have risen to become—and may always be—the premier sportswear company in the world. Aloha Rag founder, Tatsugo Yoda, has been a long time fan of the brand and was absolutely addicted to Nike sneakers for a substantial part of his life! Sound familiar? The company has moved from pure sport/performance driven apparel and footwear, to a cultural icon, sponsoring the legends and revolutionaries of our time. By adding the benefits of research and development to everyday, street, and higher end forms of clothing, Nike has changed the game on numerous occasions. It is our proud honor to bring you Yoda's selections from Nike's NSW line, a higher form of sportswear targeted at people who expect more. The line will feature garments made from premium fabrics with the latest technologies, collaborative efforts with a global holster of artists and the quality standard you know to expect from a product sold by Aloha Rag.