Inspired by the rebellious spirit of America and the intrigue of unflinching authenticity, founder and designer known by the alias R13, introduces the eponymous denim collection. Evocative of our revolutionary stock, R13 reflects the essence of the Gadsden flag. The icon bears a rattlesnake with 13 rattles and the timeless steadfast motto, "Don't Tread on Me." At the forefront of design, R13 cuts avant-garde silhouettes such as the skinny legging and harem pant from Italian and Turkish denim. Pure indigo casting, quality stretch and machine hand mending give jeans their superior shape and authentic vintage feel. R13 brings seasonal essentials to life for his stormy sexy muse. her face is masterfully make-up free and her hair-perfectly unkempt. She's introverted, artsy and full of fire. Instinctively a step ahead, she effortlessly dictates cool. She's delicately elusive, never panders and is incredibly confident. She's tough and androgynous and always emanates a little rock and roll.